Me, Me, Me

Hi Everyone, WELCOME to my page!

I’ve wanted to create my own site/blog for a while now as a way to share my thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences with people all over the world. Sometimes I feel as though we all need a little bit of guidance through life, whether it be figuring out a personal problem or which skin care products poppin’ right now to figuring out what you wanna eat! I’m your girl (well at least I think I am).

Now onto the juicy stuff.. My name’s Ashleigh Murray and I’m from London.
I’m an outgoing, emotional, ocd agony aunt who loves to try out new products, restaurants and countries. Those are my favourite things to do along with talking! I LOVE TO TALK, I will literally talk to anyone anywhere, no language barrier will ever stop me! I also have a thing for swearing I just think it sounds better and I’ll apologise now for anyone who I offend but I did warn you!

In my opinion I have the world’s worst luck, anything that could ever go wrong in life will definitely go wrong with me! I’m not trying to be all Debbie Downer on you lot, before you even start reading anything haha! but I just want to get across to you all that i’m just a normal girl and hopefully make you feel comfortable while reading my material, so you can go away with the answers you were looking for (fingers crossed).

I’m hoping my blogs and reviews with be helpful and beneficial to all my readers in some shape or form.

Happy reading 🙂


Hiyaaa, i’m Ashleigh 🙂