The Golden Speaker – Bushmaster Basics


Hiyaaaa everyone! This month we have an interesting blog by one of my very good friends Luke, throughout our friendship I have seen him grow in so many different areas of his life and feel he has come such a long way in a short space of time! I was proud of him then and i’m proud of him now! You can find him on Twitter @LBMXXIII and Instagram @Theeucharist I hope you find this an interesting and helpful read as I did…. 

The transitional process from a teenager to an ‘adult’ in the 21st century can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating predicament for some. With pressure from family, the media, partners and peers during growing up, making the right decisions for yourself can more often than not be daunting. If there is anything important I have learned since hitting my early 20’s through the mist of partying, it is simply to organically find and do what makes you happy as an individual through making responsible, calculated decisions.

After waking up on the first day of being 21, with a sore head and shoes with completely worn out heels after a heavy river dancing session in the Shoreditch Aquarium, an epiphany was had regarding my life as an adult. As the reality of a 9am journey back to Walthamstow sunk in, stinking of rum, cigarettes, aftershave and sweat – I made a decision to regulate my lifestyle and take charge of my own actions. Following this somewhat existential crisis, river dancing has been banned alongside the heelless shoes being binned, my partying life has somewhat been cut down to twice a month and living life as an adult is going swimmingly well.

Why is this story relevant to my life and why am I reading memoirs of a binge drinking river dance star wannabe you may ask?

Well one answer of many is that as individuals, we learn through our own experiences and interpretations of events. Each of these events can be symbolic and how you react to situations is what contributes towards the societal notion of ‘maturity’.

Of which I call ‘comin correct’.

Below is a brief mental exercise which hopefully explains the concept of coming correct and reacting to situations with a mature mind set.

It is an elderly family member’s birthday bingo session tomorrow, do you…

A) Go to a house party where the person you’ve been chirpsing off Tinder is attending and pull an all-nighter?
B) Stay at home, watch Question Time and arise at a respectable hour to promptly deliver the birthday goods and enjoy a bingo session with your contextual elderly family member?

There is no correct answer, you are your own person – however, if intending to be ‘comin correct’ – then B is advisable and re arranging the Tinder situation for a more appropriate day is a wise manoeuvre.

Moving on from the concept of comin correct, respecting the elderly is a very important factor in growing up, not merely due to inheritances but because these people have mostly been through similar situations as us in life. Thus have a lot of wisdom to offer in making important decisions, gaining knowledge not from a search engine, but from golden experience.

As young people in the age of technology and education, it can be easy to go down the route of ‘knowing everything’ which gives some a false sense of superiority over the older generations. This is not helped by the trivialisation of the older generations in the mainstream media.

Nobody knows everything and information is not knowledge.
In summary, respect your elders, come correct and in turn make good decisions. Peace out.



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