Teeth Whitening

We all want that perfect, white Hollywood smile and most of us would do anything for it! However, I see a lot of false promotion online about salons and products that can help whiten your teeth and I’m here to tell you the truth! Working in the dentistry industry for many years I’ve had a lot of experience with whitening your teeth the right way and I can tell you now that most salons promoting whitening treatments online do not have a license nor a qualification to do so and on top of this most of the time the treatments don’t even work.

Below are my safe and easy top tips and facts for those sparkly white nashers:

1. Keep them clean

Brushing your teeth twice and flossing once a day will keep your teeth looking whiter. Getting flossing into your routine can be really hard but I promise you it actually makes your teeth look a lot whiter. The two combined prevent plaque build up and staining to your teeth. If you want an extra clean then book an appointment to see a hygienist every 6 months, but be aware this can cost you around £60.00.

2. Be mindful of your toothpaste

I know there are a lot of tooth pastes on the market that are specifically for whitening, but there is literally no research to prove that it makes a difference – no matter what the adverts say. Some of these tooth pastes even have little white squares in them claiming that they will make your teeth whiter. The bits inside these tooth pastes can actually be quite abrasive to the enamel on your teeth and will actually cause your teeth to become yellower rather than whiter. And don’t you dare even think about using any of those whitening pens or fucking tipex, it will ruin your teeth.

3. Bleaching

If you want to go the full way and actually bleach your teeth whiter then the easiest, safest and best way to do so is through your dentist. Usually there are two different options to choose from and I won’t lie to you both can be quite costly, but it is worth it and I will tell you why in a minute.

The first option is the instant option which can cost around £600 plus. This is where you sit in the chair for an hour, just like those stupid, unqualified salons show, with bleach and a light on your teeth. After this treatment is PROFESSIONALLY done by A DENTIST you should notice immediate results, you will also be sent home with a home kit to top this colour up till you get to a few shades whiter than your ideal shade (the whiteness decreases after a few days to settle – so go white than you want to be).

The second option is the home kit. This can cost aroun £350 plus and should come with bleaching trays and bleach. Bleaching trays are made at the dentist, which will only fit your mouth. They take around a week to make and will be fitted with the dentist before use. Depending on the bleach, the instructions you need to follow regarding time on teeth will vary and your dentist will go through this all with you.

Out of the two bleaching options the second, being the home kit is my favourite. I feel as though the slower you bleach your teeth the whiter they go, the less sensitive they become and also the longer the colour lasts. Paying to get your trays made can be expensive but are definatly worth it because you have the trays to keep for as long as they fit! All you need to do when you feel you need to top your bleach up is buy some more bleach! It’s as simple as that.

I hope this has helped all those who are interested in this! Please comment below if you have any questions.








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