The Golden Speaker – Respect Yourself

It’s that time of the month again, who’s ready for THE GOLDEN SPEAKER? I really enjoyed this blog and found it was a really important, eye opening message! We really do need to respect ourselves and have boundaries for our kindness in order to keep that respect! Georgia-Mae speaks sense! Enjoy xxxx

Everyone needs to learn to respect themselves and stop letting others take advantage of us!. There are many occasions where I have let people take advantage of myself, a really big one was in June 2016, me and 3 of my friends had tickets to see Beyoncé, because the show was in London and we live a good 4 hour drive away which I also drove to London for the gig, I found a good and cheap hotel as we were only staying one night. I had paid for the hotel on my card and the rest of the girls said they will give me the money when they see me which I said that’s fine. The day arrived and I picked the girls up and off we went to London, one of the girls gave me the money for the hotel and she also gave me money for petrol. We later arrived at the hotel and one of my other friends gave me the money for the hotel, I was just waiting for one more payment.

The gig had finished we left London the next afternoon, still waiting for the money for the hotel and still at this point only one of my ‘friends’ had offered me petrol money. But me being me I dropped my friends off back and said nothing about the money that they owed me as I just don’t like asking people for money even if its owed to me and at the time I was ok without the petrol money as I thought well I’m going anyway, but now looking back that also put me out of pocket and they didn’t even have the respect to offer me any petrol money.

So you can clearly see my kindness was taken advantage off, and I know this happens to people on a daily basis, I just want to say if you are like me and just let people walk all over you, which it only shows that your just too kind for your own good, you need to stop and think are you respecting yourself, and tell yourself no I’m not going to let people take advantage of me anymore.

Just be true to yourself and start respecting yourself if something needs to be said, say it, otherwise you get into a circle that people just keep taking advantage and you know what, no one should ever be taken advantage off.

Thanks for reading


Georgia-Mae Spencer xx


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