Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

“Eventually you’ll end up where you need to be, with who you’re meant to be with, and doing what you should be doing. Patience is key.”

Recently I saw this quote and it got me thinking. In this day and age we are all way too hard on ourselves and way too impatient. We worry if we are not doing certain things at the same time as everyone else or if things aren’t happening quick enough or if our lives are in different places and we are more interested in doing something else that most people are age aren’t (I am definitely guilty of this!)

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that when the timing is right things will happen. So, a reason why you might not be in the same place as everyone else is because it’s not the right time for you, you can do anything you want to do when the timing is right for YOU, nobody else – you just need to be patient! And that’s fine it’s YOUR LIFE nobody else’s. And if your happy with your life then you shouldn’t let feeling like what others think you should and shouldn’t be doing spoil your happiness. Life is to be lived, so you must live the way you want to live and in the happiest way possible. Trust in the universe and in yourself.


Remember it will happen – patience is key.




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