Malta Foray

Recently I went on a last minute short break to Malta which tied in really nicely with my birthday celebrations! So I’m here to give you the low down on what to expect from Malta!

When? October 2016

Where? Mellieha, Malta

Flight time: Approx 3 hours and 20 mins

I didn’t really have much a plan for this trip as it was really last minute and all I really needed to do was relax as I had been having a really stressful time before I went and had been quite ill from travelling to Thailand 2 months before that. The flight was delayed for 3 hours which wasn’t a great start to the trip but we finally got there a settled into the hotel.The hotel had its own spa and was one of its main attractions. So as the purpose of my trip was to relax I decided to take full advantage of it!

The first morning I went to this really cute little British cafe called Debbie’s cafe. Where I got an English breakfast and obvs coz I’m on holiday a chocolate milkshake. The milkshake came in a glass jar with a handle and whipped cream it was super cute and the food was really nice.
On the first day at the spa I booked in for a Da Vinci bath which is basically like a massive jacuzzi which is meant to be relaxing as the jets are meant to massage you for 40 minutes. If I’m honest I didn’t enjoy this experience, I was restless and even when I tried to enjoy it I kept floating around the bath then drowning from the jets taking me under hahahaa it wasn’t fun or relaxing and not to mention the temperature, which was too hot to handle I was literally gasping for water… and air! Its safe to say I left the experience well before 40 minutes fearing for my life LOL okay it wasn’t that bad but I was bored shitless and not in the mood for being dragged under again.

Next I was booked in for a facial, I chose to go ahead with the vitamin c facial as I’m literally all about that glowing skin life. I think the lady caught wind that I really did not enjoy the huge bath experience and gave me a complentary scalp massage which helped me get out of my restless mood and really get into the facial. The facial lasted about an hour with various different cleansers, toners, exfoliants mad massages to get me dewy ready. It finally finished with a peel off mask which made my skin feel like HEAVEN afterwards. The woman said I looked really glows but I didn’t really see what she was in about. I felt clean, I mean really clean, so clean I think it stripped my tan coz I was pale as fuck and anyone that knows me knows I hate being pale.

That night I went for a quiet meal at a lovely steak house and ordered my favourite steak and mac and cheese and decided to have an early life and really get into granny mode! Because in the morning it was back to Debbie’s 🙂

The next day I went into the spa for a full body hot stone massage. I’ve always always wanted to try one of these but always ended up sticking to what I knew and opting for the average full body massage which I always enjoy, so I forced myself to try something new and can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever tried. The heat from the stones is so relaxing it really makes you feel like a whole new person! If you have never had a hot stone massage then I would defiantly recommend giving one a go even if it’s just on your back because it’s just WOW!

Anyway, that night I went on a tour of Malta to see it in all its beauty at night. I was really looking forward to it as I follow loads of travel pages online and Malta had some great sights. I couldn’t wait to get loads of insta pics haha! I went in a really cute dress as the weather had been quite hot during the day and he evening was quite hot too but I really judged this one wrong! It turned absolutely freezing really really fast whilst I was on the top of the roofless bus! I came off the trip anything but cute! And to be honest I didn’t really get what I was looking forward so much from the tour all I got was a great view of the Maltese trees and houses, which was lovey for like 5 minutes but I was freezing cold and have a short attention span so this tour was not for me. The tour included an hour stop over in a small town with fuck all to do. I was freezing and bored so I got a cab because I had no idea how I was gonna ever entertain myself for a whole hour. Getting the cab was the best thing I done, I was finally warm and able to get some food at a little restaurant called Katrina’s which I would describe as average. I think it was another grill type restaurant, which by the way I noticed there are many of in Malta!

By the way if you want me to do a review of any of the restaurants I ate at during my visit to Malta then please comment below as it’s not a problem for me to do! At least you know what to expect when you’re there.

Overall I had a really lovely trip, Malta is a really lovely country and its culture is very similar to England. If your looking for a holiday that’s not too far from what you know then I would defiantly recommend coming to this beautiful country for all it has to offer. If I were to come again I would defiantly like to go and see the famous Blue Lagoon as it looks magical and I would probably also book in at a spa hotel again because that really did top off my trip.
I hope you all found this helpful.


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