Happy Birthday Aidan/Being A God Parent

Today is my Godson Aidan’s 6th Birthday and I can’t believe it’s come around so fast and he’s already another year older! I remember when he was born and thinking he would never grow big, he’ll always be small and now he’s done just that, along with getting his own little personality, and attitude at times. But he really is the nicest, smartest and funniest kid I know.

I would consider Aidan as one of the most precious things in my life, the love I have for this little boy is a bit scary to be honest, it’s even bigger than him. Every time I look at him I feel so proud of all he has achieved already in his short little life and excited to watch him grow and go through different things as he goes through life.

Being a Godparent is a really important role for me. I’m wouldn’t consider myself religious so I probably have different morals around the role than the Catholic way, but I do believe you should have a positive influence on their life to help them grow into the best possible version of themselves they can be. You don’t have to buy them the world either all they need is your time, not your money. Just have fun with them!

Always, always stay loyal to the relationship you have built, no matter how hard their parents might make that for you. It’s especially important if you have a great bond because you have no idea how much their little relationship with you really means to them and how much good you will be putting into their life, like as sad as it might sound me and Aidan are actually best friends, obvs we have other best friends our own age but that’s how tight we are. So, imagine how you would feel loosing your best friend or your best friend not making an effort with you anymore. I just think its very comforting and important for them to know they have you to rely on along with their parents and other family members, which we can all relate to in some sort of way. I think this even applies to those who are not Godparents but have a close relationship with a child.

So, stick to your morals, know what’s important, cherish your bond, have fun and make the best memories ever!


Happy Birthday Aidan, I love you! xxxx


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