The Golden Speaker – We All Owe Death A Life

Welcome back to The Golden Speaker! This month we have an important post from a very brace girl! I hope this helps to raise some awareness! 
Hiya everyone!

I’m just going to talk about a personal topic but also one that resonates with many people, either directly or indirectly. Suicide. It’s a very touchy subject, which is why I think it really really needs to stop having a stigma attached to it and for people to speak openly about it! Yes, I know it’s not a thing people want to speak about everyday, but as an 18 year old girl I know what it’s like to be so down in the dumps that you feel it’s the only way out. And let me tell you now, ITS NOT! It’s not the option any person should take. I have survived a suicide attempt when I was 16 and I couldn’t be more happy I survived it, I realised the heartbreak and struggle I put my family through. I was feeling depressed, worthless, scared & everything else negative I could manage to convince myself, and at the time I thought it was the only way out, I was so fucking wrong! It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem… If you feel sad, down, lonely… TALK TO SOMEONE.ANYONE. It is important to remember there is ALWAYS someone to listen even if you don’t think it! Recently enough a girl I knew well, sadly succeeded in the worst possible decision anyone could make, she took her own life. I am devastated, and everytime I think of it I blame myself in some way. People she didn’t even know blamed themselves for not realising something was wrong, her parents are heart broken beyond words. And that is what gets left behind, not the problem that was in your mind, but the people who care about you so much more than you will ever realise! LIVE FOR YOURSELF AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.

2 years after I tried to take my own life, and I’m happier than ever. Happy I didn’t succeed. Happy with my support system. And so happy I get to have an amazing life that some people would absolutely do anything to have. Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better!

•if you are looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it• this is the biggest sign right now!!! Remember why you’ve come this far! 

You are loved. You always will be!

All my love xxx


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