Simple Eye Contour for Brown Eyes

Contouring can be an absolute fucker at the best of times but practice definitely makes perfect! (ALOT of practice)! Here I’m going to give all you brow eyed beauties (because I’ve got brown eyes, am not a make up artist and have no clue what looks good on other colours eyes SORRY!!!) some tips on how to shape your eyes for an everyday look.

1. Eyeshadow primer – prime your lids so your eyeshadow goes on easier and stays on all day.

2. Apply colour to lid – use a light beige colour – I usually go for something with a hint of shimmer.

3. Cut your crease – mix a brown and orange colour eyeshadow togehter on your brush and add to the crease of your eyes. Be gentle as you want it to blend with your lid colour.

4. Widen your eye – by using a black eyeshadow lightly along the lashline out to the corners of your eyes.

5. Fleek your lashes – by using your favourite mascara to complete your look. I like to use brown mascara on my bottom lashes for a more natural look.

Disclaimer: I’m not a make up artist. Everyone does their make up differently this is just my way. if you have any tips please comment below.




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