Working A Season Abroad

If you’re an adventurous person (like me) then you might be considering doing a season abroad! It was something that I wanted to for a few years but I was really scared to just book a ticket and go. So in 2014 I decided to apply for a job to be a holiday rep and when getting the job my designated resort was IBIZA! It was one of the best things I ever done but also one of the worst jobs I have ever had! hahaa! But I’m not gonna go into all of that!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not this is something you should do then here a few reasons why you should definitely do it below to help you make up your mind:

  1. Your independence will grow – you may consider yourself already independent, because I did until I got stuck at the airport at 3 in the morning, with no taxis around and obvs my mum couldn’t help me! You’re on your own!
  2. You will become more confident – being in a different country and culture, surrounded by new people will help your confidence to grow as you will have to make your own way through everyday, meeting new people along the way.
  3. You will become comfortable with yourself – now you may be one of those people that hates being alone, but there will be time when you will be on your own and you’ll will start to appreciate yourself and your own company!
  4. Your will become ALOT more tolerable – you WILL meet arseholes this is inevitable everywhere in life but you’ll come in contact with the drunk ones so often nothing or no one will faze you! You may also have to live with people who live and do things differently to you, which will increase your toleration levels.
  5. You will have the time of your life! – As I mentioned before this was one of the best thing I have ever done it was so so SO much fun, and although the job was so shit I don’t ever regret spending my summer in Ibiza! Think of all the crazy stories you can tell your grandkids!

I hope this helped any of you considering doing this once in a lifetime experience!





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