Starting Uni

Starting uni can be a really scary thought, especially if you’re moving away from home for the first time.I know it’s that time of year where first years will be getting ready for the big day so I wanted to write a little something for you guys so you know EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY and 5 of the best things about starting this new chapter of your life:
1. Meeting new people – no matter if you’re fog horn loud or as quiet as a mouse you’re going to meet so many new people! People from different parts of the world, backgrounds and experiences which is so exciting!
2. It’s so much fun! – from meeting people at freshers week to going out every single night (if you want too) it’s gonna be a lot of fun! Don’t stress about you’re grades too much the first year doesn’t even count towards your final grade as long as you pass so make the most of your first year have as much fun as you can!!!

3. Growing up – now really if your time to shine and make your parents really proud by standing on your own two feet! You’ll be paying rent, cooking for yourself, washing your clothes, cleaning your room etc. It can be a proper pain in the arse at time and you think what kind of fuckin decision have I made here? Being an adult it shit! ahah But don’t feel too under pressure to be perfect though we all make mistakes I know I’ve spent my last tenner on a bottle of vodka and turned my white tops grey many times but as long as you’re trying that’s all that matters, just don’t be stupid!

4. Fresh Start – even if you’re perfectly happy with your life at home there’s nothing more refreshing then having to start again somewhere else! If you feel like you wanna be a little bit more confident and are worried what you’re friends at home might say this is definitely the place to do it! You can be the you you wanna be!

5. EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY – Once you’re settled (which takes a little while) and happy everything will fall into place and you’ll really enjoy the experience. If you’re unsure whether you have made the right decision or not stick it out for a term to see how you really feel! It’s not the end of the world if going to uni wasn’t for you or you hate the course you picked! It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself but it’s not for everyone! And those of you who it is for walking up to get your certificate on graduation day is an unbelievably proud moment that you now have to look forward too!


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