Flawless Face

Here I’m going to give you 10 tips on how to achieve a flawless look:

1. Moisturising before applying you make up will give you the perfect base to work with and get rid of any dry bite. Allow your moisturiser to settle in for 5-10 minutes before starting your make up.

2. Using a primer will help your make up to last all day and will stop it from becoming patchy through sweating.

3. Under eye concealer can help to cover dark circles and give you that bright eyed look. Avoid using a heavy concealer under your eyes as it can cause creases in your make up and will also give you a very cakey look.

4. Apply foundation using a brush, pressing in with a beauty blender and buffing with a micro fibre brush this will give you a flawless look and heavy coverage. For less coverage, use a micro fibre brush to apply and the bristles of the brush will pick up some of the product.

5. Highlight the parts of your face where the light hits to give you a dewy look. The best thing to use is a concealer that is a lot lighter than your foundation. Apply it under your eyes, forehead, cupids bow, tip of your nose and under your eyebrows. Use a concealer brush to apply and buff with a micro fibre brush.

6. Using loose translucent powder over your highlighter and the parts of your face where you will sweat ie, the sides of your nose and sides of your forehead will help your make up and glow last longer.

Always apply powder over liquids – never the other way around or you may look cakey.

7. Contour using a flat brush and a bronzer. Find your cheek bones and using a pusing up motion along your cheek bones to achieve a naturally defined look.

8. Bronzer is a great powder to use on your neck and chest where your foundation may not match your skin colour there. This will give you a sunkissed even look.

9. Apply blusher whilst smiling so you can see the apples of your cheeks. Tap the excess off the brush before you apply to avoid looking like a clown. Use light motions and to blend the colour well.

10. Illuminator will give you the ultimate glowy look. Apply using a fan brush or small concealer blending brush to the top of you cheek bones, under your eyebrows, your cupids bow, at the tip of your nose and in the corners of your eyes.







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