Couch Potato to Lean Bean – A Healthy Inspiration

About two years ago I decided that I wanted to be a lot healthier in general and started to make a conscious effort to try to be in every way I could. I’ve never really been a sporty girl or one that eats well, I’ve always been a couch potato and a bit of a larger lought to be quiet honest. Once you’ve been stuck in that kind of routine for a long time it’s really hard to get out of it and I think the hardest part is finding where to start and also I was the world’s worst cook! I couldn’t cook anything at all. Which is one of my main reasons for this blog, hopefully giving anyone who wants to make a change a starting point.

Below I am going to list a few people, books and Instagram’s that helped to inspire me along and change my ways!

The Body Coach

Instagram/Twitter: @thebodycoach

Book I found most helpful: Lean in 15

The Body Coach was probably one of the first people that really inspired me to make a change, his recipes weren’t boring chicken and salad which if eaten every day could make you go insane! He had a really good variety of quick and easy meal ideas and it was stuff you would actually wanna eat just the healthier way to have it, plus his Instagram videos were well fun. He also includes a wide range of exercise routines throughout all of his social media to help anyone who is looking to get into exercise. I know have both of his books to inspire me for meal ideas but found his first book the most helpful.

Hemsley and Hemsley

Instagram: @hemsleyhemsley


Book I found most helpful: The Art of Eating Well

These sisters really helped put a spin on all your favourite meals like spaghetti bolognaise, roast dinners and chocolate cakes. They use traditional dinners and give you recipes to cook them in the heathiest possible way. I learnt a lot about flavours and carb substitutes from this book which when trying to be healthier is really useful. These girls also got me into eating a lot more fish than I ever did, which is a bonus for my skin, hair and nails! I have both of their books and also watched their TV programme which was really good, every week they showed you how to make three different dishes, you should have look!

Deliciously Ella

Instagram: @deliciouslyella


Book I found most helpful: Deliciously Ella and Deliciously Ella: Every Day

I first saw Ella on This Morning and found her background story really interesting! I love how she basically ate herself better. I find her a really positive influence on Instagram with everything she does and because she doesn’t eat meat I feel like her recipes inspire me to be more creative because I am a meat lover! She also has a great section at the back of her books for all things sweet and gives a variety of different desert ideas – because who doesn’t love a desert!

Steph Elswood

Instagram – @healthychefsteph

I LOVE her Instagram! I find her really motivating and I love her lifestyle! I always see her trying new gyms, workout routines and healthy places to eat out and is probably one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram! Make sure you follow her if you’re looking for a change!

Madeline Shaw

Instagram: @madeleine_shaw_


Book I found most useful: Get The Glow

I found Madeline Shaw’s book Get The Glow really helpful for breakfast ideas. Her books have a lot of different recipes for healthy muffins, smoothies and cooked breakfasts! She also does some really tasty and quick salad ideas which are perfect for lunch. You can sign up to her emails on her website where each week she sends you a few of her newest recipes to try out and keep things new! I haven’t yet bought her newest book but I look forward to purchasing it and trying out some of her recipes – I might even blog about it 🙂

Other books and Instagram’s I have recently found that have helped:


Live Fast Lose Weight – Charlotte Crosby





I have built my collection of recipe books up over the last two years after following these people on Instagram and Twitter and liking what they do! Don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy all these books, they offer lots of free recipes and advice on their websites and social media that push in the right direction! There are also lots of other inspiring figures out there that I am yet to find and that you may prefer, so the best thing to do is, like I did, follow them for a while before making the purchase. If you have any suggestions of people, pages and books you think I should check out then please comment below as I’m really into stuff like this!


Remember to always keep your goal, whatever it may be in mind. You won’t always be perfect you’re only human! Be nice to yourself, allow yourself to live life and have treats, just be mindful! You will get to be where you want to be just give yourself the time and the space to get there!



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