Girls, Girls, Girls

So I thought I would write about something today that’s been really bothering me lately and that is BITCHY girls!

Instead of going off on one about situations i’ve been in that’s really got to me I feel like a more positive way to approach this would be to tell you girls the way I think we should be towards eachother.

1. Don’t be a hater.

As girls we all love to talk shit, it doesn’t matter what it’s about it’s just in our nature. But there is no need to hate on girl just because of the way she looks or the things she has because we are all beautiful, special and talented in our ways and rightly so. So just be nice to eachother and happy for one another.

Which brings me onto my next point..

2. Celebrate success.

Even if you are a little jealous of their success, celebrare with them! You should wanna see your friends succeed and it should make you happy. The way you would want them to be if it were you!

3. Hoeing Hell.

DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT go there with a boy who has a girlfriend that you are aware of! ESPECIALLY if she is your friend, its not cool and you wouldn’t like it done to you! If you were unaware he has a girlfriend and she confronts you about it hold your hands up, be honest and respectful to her feelings, because REMEMBER she hasn’t done anything wrong.

4. Give new girls a chance.

I believe you should make your own opinion on people, even if you’ve heard stuff about them you don’t necessarily rate – it might not even be true! So give them a chance. Other girls should be able to come into your circle and given a chance to be your friends. Be nicer and less judgemental.

5. No need to sheep.

Just because someone you know wants to be nasty to another girl becazuse of who they are or what they do doesn’t mean you should aswell. Stand on your own two feet, have your own opinions and act like you! Don’t follow the crowd.

I know this post can relate to both girls and guys but I’ve seen these kind of situations happen more so between girls, so am giving my opinion from experience. Girls need to stick together whether we know eachother or not, support eachother and uplift eachother and in this day and age it’s getting to be less and less like this! Don’t tear eachother down there’s no reason why we can’t all be nice to eachother.




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