Hot Gold Mess

So if you’ve been reading my posts you’re probably wondering why I chose the name hot gold mess..

Well, I thought quite long and hard about what I was gonna call my site. I didn’t want it to be something plain and boring like my name! (not that anyone who does that is plain and boring just my names quite boring!)
Anyway, I started brainstorming and came across the word “Hot Mess” which in the Urban Ditionary, if that even counts means – when ones thoughts are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty.

I quite liked that!

As I put in my about me section I believe that we all need a bit of guidance through life, whether it be a lot or a little – leaving our thoughts in confusion (a state of disarray) but still both on the outside and the inside we are all beautiful individually in our own right! I found it fitting for the types of topics I wanted to blog about and plus it had a ring to it!

The gold was because hot mess was taken! I’m not gonna lie ahaha! But who doesn’t like gold, thought it could give us hot messes a little of specialty!



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