“Friends can break your heart too…”

I am BIBLE the worst person in the entire world for picking friends! That is not to say I am completely friendless with no good, long standing friendship but I still believe honestly have the worst taste in friends or even the type that I attract into my life most of the time and that’s not even a joke! Which I can admit, at times can make you feel very lonely. BUT with the amount of bad friendship experiences I have had I can take all the negative and hopefully give you some positives for some good, healthy friendships in your lives!
What I have come to know about myself is that I am way too giving for my own good, I would literally do anything and everything for my friends and family, no matter what I will go out of my way to help them and I will never ever judge them even if I do think they are acting like a mug! That’s just the way I am and I sort of pride myself on it.

However, what I fail to realise is that not everyone is like me and there are people who’s character is to be judgemental or a little bit selfish and there’s nothing wrong with that, but through experiences I just can’t help but put my guard up at even the littlest sign of that kind of behaviour due to past experiences.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I feel as though I lost out on a few good friendships along the way tryna to be 100% loyal to people who weren’t the same to me and I wanna give my readers a few tips on knowing what a true friend is/type of friend you should try and avoid because as the title says..

“friends can break your heart too”

1. Making a conscious and unconscious effort with you. 

Friendship is not a one way street. You should never give to just receive. However, if your only giving and never receiving, whether it be a text to see how you are or support through a hard time, the friendship is one sided and if by talking to them about this doesn’t seem to solve things then the friendship will always be like that and you will soon get hurt or just fed up.

2. Negative Nora.

if the only thing they can talk about is all things depressive about both of your lives. Putting your goals down, laughing at your fears and are never positive, helpful or uplifting about anything ever, chances are you’ll soon get fed up of that one too.

3. Watch out for the opportunist AKA USERS. 

This is a person who befriends you because you have a car, your own home or are doing well for yourself. Or you can draw them closer to another person. Once they get what they want and need out of you you are no longer useful to them and they don’t want to know you. It’s hard to call out these kind of friends but be weary!
4. Honesty.

If they can’t be honest with you and your constantly catching them out for lying over things they know you wouldn’t even really care about then they don’t really respect you as a friend. BYE!

Listen to your head, but mostly importantly look after your heart.



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