Confidence in yourself – The Basics

Recently, over the last few months I have had so many messages over social media regarding this topic; especially from young girls. It’s such a sad thing to see, when a young person, or any person for that matter, doesn’t feel confident or comfortable in their own skin. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I haven’t ever been one of those people, because I have and I truly believe every person needs to go through this stage. Like its a process of growing that every person goes through, some just go through it quicker than others and at different stages in life. In this blog I’m gonna touch on a few areas of Confidence, which I will later go on to blog about in more depth.
So, first things first. Let me tell you all one thing that you need to remember, things are not always as they seem. The same way you’re smiling but really you feel like shit, you think you look like shit, no one gives a shit, whatever it is your feeling that girl/boy/man/woman that you think oh fuck you everything’s perfect for you maybe be feeling EXACTLY the same way. Anyone going through this process of growing and not feeling 100% confident will know how easy it is to hide how you feel. So what’s to say their not hiding it too? I feel as though Social media has a HUGE part to play in this and has given people, especially young people an unrealistic view of how life should be. Even I get sucked into it sometimes and I have to remind myself people can be whoever they wanna be on Social Media, you only ever get to see what people want you to see. Which is not always gonna be the good, the bad and the ugly but more likely to be just the good! So, the next time you look at someone and think they got all their shit together and you wish you were them, remember that and maybe you won’t be in such a hurry to be them.
And by the way, to my younger readers. If you don’t have your shit together by the time all of your friends or everyone else has IT DOESN’T MATTER! I’m well into my twenties and I still don’t even what I wanna do! Life is to be lived and loved, just because you’re stuck now with not knowing what you wanna do doesn’t mean you will always be stuck! But that’s not to say you should ever stop trying! You should always strive to do better and be better for YOU! That’s not to say you need to be rich and famous! Because my opinion is that happiness has much more worth than money! But I mean you should always aim to have a plan of what you wanna do next, even if you’re unsure give it a go. The whole reason you considered it in the first place shows you have an interest so GO FOR IT! You never know you might love it! It’s really rare to know from a young age exactly what you wanna do, a lot of people need to experience different jobs and lifestyles before they become set on a path of where they’re going and once you have found it you’ll love and appreciate your journey of getting to where you are and I think that’s the beauty of it all!
Whenever you’re feeling down about your confidence remember all of this! Remember just like people can pretend to be who they wanna be on Instagram YOU CAN BE WHO YOU WANNA BE in real life and if people don’t like it they don’t need to be around you. Who needs negative people around when you’re going for gold? Not me mate! Always, keep in mind that you deserve the very very best and that is always what you should ALWAYS go for!!! You just need to believe and you will.


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