Bob Bob Ricard

What? Russian

Where? 1 Upper James Street, W1F

Vibe – Goooooood

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I had been wanting to go to this place for ages just because of their champagne bell!! (How sad, but that’s my kinda place!)

When I arrived I was taken down stairs to the bar to wait for my table. As I walked through my mouth must of been wide open because this place was AMAZING! I actually felt as though I was in a movie! It was like something out of Bugsy Malone. I was amazed! I decided to start my evening off right and ordered a cocktail, the bar staff were really friendly and my drink tasted as great as this place looked.

Then escorted to the booth, which was lovely and private and I sat next to the main attraction (for me anyway) the champagne bell 😂 and had a look at the menu. The menu was one of those confusing ones where you KNOW you’re in a posh place. Like if they served a burger and chips it would be called something like minced beef patty served on a crisp white roll served with long cut Yorkshire potatos! That kinda thing (just say burger and chips please 😂). Obviously this place is aimed for a certain type of person but I felt a bit out of my depth reading the menu!

Anyway I decided to go for the vodka shots for my starter (gotta start right 😂) which tasted WOW!

Followed by the pork belly, which is something I would never normally pick but it was the simplest thing on the menu I chose it to be safe as I knew what I was going on for. When the plate arrived I was  let a little let down the portion was tiny! I kept think why did I not order anymore food! I’m going Mc Donald’s on the way home!

But eating it it tasted absolutely AMAZING the flavour of everything was so on point and what do you know that so called “small portion” was still left on my plate! It was so filling I couldn’t even finish it! You know what that means eyes bigger than my belly aha!

For desert I chose one of those chocolate balls you see on Instagram where the hot sauce is poured on top to melt the chocolate for reveal all the goodness in side! I was impressed by the site of this desert – but it wasn’t the best tasting desert I’ve ever had so was a little disappointed by that! The staff here were really friendly, the food was amazing and the whole place was amazing! But would I go there again? Probably not, that’s why I’ve rated 4/5 stars just because I found the menu so hard to understand as well as there not being much choice and it being quite expensive!

However, if you were looking to take someone special out for an evening to impress them! Take them here – it’s a place you will defiantly remember and you’ll have the privacy to enjoy your meal with little interruptions.

The Champange Bell wahooo
Pork Belly
Melting Dessert

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